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Oval Cut Moss Agate Unique Curved Engagement Ring Set


“Timeless Jewelry: Discover our moss agate engagement ring, where the finesse of nature meets everlasting commitment. Meticulously handcrafted, this devotion symbol encapsulates the spirit of evolution. Each ring is a testament to transformation’s grace. Featuring a genuine natural gemstone, it resonates with genuine authenticity. A celebration of unity amid diversity, this piece echoes your journey. Born from nature’s beauty and human skill, this masterpiece embodies the pledge of eternity—a splendid nod to your exceptional connection.”

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Oval Cut Moss Agate Unique Curved Engagement Ring Set

Picture yourself in a world of ethereal beauty, where a velvety carpet of moss adorns a weathered, fallen log amidst the misty embrace of a marsh. This enchanting reverie is the very essence that ignites a longing for our captivating moss agate engagement rings.

Imbued with the spirit of environmental consciousness, our moss agate rings encapsulate a pristine elegance that resonates with nature’s finest. Each ring becomes a testament to sustainable craftsmanship, skillfully fashioned with the utmost care to ensure not only timeless charm but also a commitment to a pollution-free world.

As you explore our collection, the allure of moss agate whispers of forests and meadows, and the artistry of our pieces mirrors the delicate balance of our ecosystem. These rings are more than accessories; they are a celebration of green ethics and the harmonious beauty of our planet.

Indulge your senses, embrace elegance, and embark on a journey where fashion harmonizes with nature’s grace. Let our moss agate rings be your companions in the symphony of responsible luxury, reminding you with every glance of the mesmerizing daydreams that inspired their creation.


✦ Handmade, high-quality item
✦ Material: 925 Sterling Silver/ Platinum/ SOLID 10K/14K/18K GOLD ( can be made in yellow/white/rose gold )
Engagement ring:
✦ Center stone: Natural Moss Agate
✦ Size/Weight: 6*8mm, 1.5ct
✦ Cut: Oval Cut
✦ Side Stone: Moissanite
✦ Total carat weight: About 0.152ct
✦ Band Width: Around 1.8mm
Wedding band:
✦ Stone: Lab Created Sapphire
✦ Total carat weight: About 0.214ct
✦ Band Width: Around 1.5mm


✦Accept engrave the words inside the ring.
✦Accept change main stone type.
✦ Accept change other material : This jewelry can also be made in solid gold (including 10/14/18k white/rose/yellow gold…), platinum
Please contact me if you have special requests.


✦ Considering the inherent uniqueness of gemstones, each piece’s appearance might exhibit slight variations in color and pattern.

✦ Moss Agate stones display diverse shades due to their natural, untreated composition. Should you have a color preference, kindly specify it in the notes section.

✦ We employ 925 Sterling Silver as the base material for our plated jewelry.

✦ All our jewelry items are hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnishing. Our aim is to craft enduring pieces that hold value regardless of price point.

PRODUCTION : We are skilled jewelry artisans and manufacturers, with expertise handed down through generations. Each piece is painstakingly crafted from scratch, entirely by hand, and meticulously polished for your satisfaction. We source the finest materials available from trusted suppliers. Our proficient team of craftspeople is dedicated to meeting your requirements with precision. If personalization is possible for a product, feel free to inquire, as we’ll strive to accommodate. Our primary objective is to provide you with top-tier quality.

PROCESSING TIME : Given the 100% HANDMADE nature of our items, we require 5 to 7 working days to fulfill your order from payment receipt. Expedited shipping, available upon request, can have your order ready within 2 to 3 days or earlier. Please communicate your preference.

BUYER REMINDER :- ☎ Should you encounter any issues with our product, kindly reach out before leaving feedback. If opting for ✈ EXPRESS SHIPPING worldwide, provide your contact number for a seamless delivery experience.


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925 Sterling Silver($375.46), Rose Gold Plated($375.46), Yellow Gold Plated($375.46), White Gold Plated($375.46), 10K Rose Gold($728.78), 10K Yellow Gold($728.78), 10K White Gold($728.78), 14K Rose Gold($892.22), 14K Yellow Gold($892.22), 14K White Gold($892.22), 18K Rose Gold($1100.52), 18K Yellow Gold($1100.52), 18K White Gold($1100.52), Platinum($1247.94)

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3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


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