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Oval Engagement Ring

How to Wear an Oval Engagement Ring?

Elevating Your Oval Engagement Ring Style
Hey there, fashion-forward couples! Wearing an oval engagement ring is all about embracing timeless elegance. Our jewelry maven, Poppy Milne, is here with some top-notch advice. Poppy suggests going for a classic solitaire setting that allows your oval beauty to take center stage. Keep it simple with a plain or delicate pave band that complements the shape perfectly. Your nails should be on point too, with a subtle polish that lets the ring shine.

Mixing, Matching, and Confidence Boost
Now, let’s talk mixing and matching. Poppy Milne approves! Consider pairing your oval engagement ring with a matching wedding band for that classic bridal set look. Or get creative by mixing different shapes, metals, or stones for a unique and personalized style. Don’t forget to coordinate the metal and setting with your overall bridal look. And last but not least, wear your oval ring with absolute confidence—it’s a symbol of your love and commitment that should make you feel absolutely radiant. Whether you’re saying “I do” or flaunting it with friends and family, let your smile and confidence be your best accessory!

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