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What Is Hollow Gold? Hollow Gold vs. Solid Gold


Gold is a crucial element in crafting jewelry. So, when choosing jewelry, is hollow or solid gold the better option? Hollow gold is more affordable and lightweight, while solid gold is more durable. Each has its pros and cons. This article delves into the world of gold, helping you make wiser shopping decisions.


The main thing to consider is how durable each type of gold is. Hollow gold pieces are more prone to wear and tear because they’re completely hollow inside. On the other hand, solid gold pieces are sturdier with better structural integrity, making them more resistant to damage.

When it comes to scratches, hollow gold is more noticeable. Scratches on hollow gold may look like dents or even create holes in the surface. In contrast, a scratch on a solid gold necklace is often less noticeable unless you’re inspecting it very closely, thanks to the gold running throughout the entire piece, inside and out.


One big difference between these two types of gold is the price. Solid gold has more actual gold in it than hollow gold, so it’s usually pricier. Hollow gold, on the other hand, is a more budget-friendly option.

Various factors can affect the cost of both types. The quality of the gold matters a lot. For example, a 24k hollow gold piece might cost more than a 14k solid gold piece simply because of the better metal quality. Also, if you add diamonds, stones, or other extras, the price will go up, regardless of the type of metal used.


Both hollow gold and solid gold can enhance your outfit, but they have specific purposes. Solid gold is for fancy occasions. Wear solid gold chains to weddings, fancy dinners, awards shows, or events where you might rub shoulders with celebrities.

Hollow gold is for casual wear, like when you want to jazz up a plain outfit. It’s perfect for days when you’re not trying to impress anyone but still want to look good when you step out the door.


While hollow gold might lose its shine a bit faster than solid gold, the truth is, they look almost identical. A hollow gold necklace won’t look much different from a solid gold one because the visible parts are still made of gold.

The only time you can really tell the difference is by feeling them. Hollow gold is lighter and less dense than solid gold. So, if someone gets close and checks out your jewelry, they might figure out which one you’re wearing.

Both hollow gold and solid gold can mimic other gold types, like white gold or rose gold. Even though these variations aren’t technically solid gold (they have other alloys for color), you can find both types of jewelry in these hues.

Taking Care of Your Gold Jewelry: Simple Tips

Maintaining hollow gold jewelry is much like looking after solid gold, just with a bit of extra attention.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your gold jewelry dazzling by cleaning it whenever it starts to look visibly dirty. Mix 10 parts warm water with about two parts mild dish soap. Soak your piece in the solution for one to three hours to let all the gunk slide off. Then, take it out and gently scrub with a soft cloth or your fingers.

Carefully rinse the piece under clean water and blot it dry with a cloth, like a microfiber one. Thorough drying is crucial to avoid any nasty oxidized rust.

Remember, stay away from harsh cleaners like bleach and rough materials like paper towels.

Proper Storage

Securing a safe spot for your jewelry is crucial in ensuring its longevity. One of the best choices is a clean jewelry box with a fabric lining, creating a protective barrier against the elements and keeping your pieces dry.

This practice also prevents your jewelry items from rubbing against each other. Because gold is relatively soft on the hardness scale, it can easily get nicked or dented when in contact with other pieces, especially those made of harder metals or stones like diamonds. If a jewelry box isn’t available, keeping your pieces separated in their original packaging is a fine alternative.

Avoiding Chlorine and Water

Chlorine is like gold’s arch-nemesis, and exposing your gold repeatedly can weaken its structure. In fact, chlorine might even break your precious piece, especially if it’s hollow gold, which isn’t as sturdy from the get-go.

Remember to take off your jewelry before diving into the pool or relaxing at the spa. The same rule applies to sweating during a workout or hitting the sauna. Removing your piece prevents moisture from causing rust on the outside.

In conclusion, hollow gold looks just like solid gold, but there’s empty space inside instead of solid gold throughout. This makes it more affordable but also less durable and lightweight. While hollow gold might not be as robust, the quality of your piece greatly depends on the jeweler you got it from. For top-notch hip-hop jewelry in all varieties, sizes, and styles at different price points, Clegit Jewelry is the ultimate destination.


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