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If you want to instantly upgrade your outfit from zero to ten, just put on a fabulous chain. Whether it’s a thick, solid gold chain or a delicate white gold masterpiece, you really can’t go wrong.

But if you aim to be the star of the party, turning heads wherever you go, go all out with your chains. And no, that doesn’t mean throwing your necklaces in the freezer.

Iced-out chains are the epitome of hip hop fashion and a key element for mainstream styles too. Let’s make sure you completely understand what iced-out chains are, so you can truly appreciate the impact they can have.

iced out cuban link chain

The Ice Connection

When you drop ice cubes into your glass of water or a tall glass of rum and coke, you might not pay much attention to their appearance. However, ice cubes are translucent and unique, much like diamond gemstones.

Surprisingly, this is somewhat where the term “iced out” comes from. Ice is sometimes used to describe diamonds due to their similar appearance. But there’s another reason for these interchangeable words.

Diamonds have superior heat conductivity compared to other gemstones. Essentially, it means that diamonds can draw heat away from any object they touch. You can feel this yourself if you hold a diamond against your skin – it really feels like holding an ice cube to your body.

diamond tennis chain

But where did this term come from? Who decided to call it “ice” in the first place?

While there’s no clear answer, it likely has its roots in hip hop. The song “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice was a massive hit in the early ’90s and remains iconic today. This is often credited as the song that propelled the slang term “ice” for diamonds into popular use.

Since “ice” is used for diamonds, when something is “iced out,” it means diamonds are added to it. So, an iced-out chain is a necklace covered with diamonds from front to back, making the gems the main attraction rather than the chain itself.

Bling Is the Thing

Diamonds are described in various ways in hip hop culture, and “ice” is not the only slang term. Webster’s dictionary even recognizes many of these variations.

One of the most famous terms is “bling,” popularized by the rap group B.G. in the 90s with their chart-topping song “Bling Bling.” Lil Wayne has since kept the term alive in his songs, and it’s now an official word. Though the exact meaning of “bling” is unclear, whenever we see the sparkle of a diamond, this term comes to mind.

moissanite tennis chain

Another phrase you might hear is “frosting” oneself with diamonds, a term made popular by the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” where Matthew McConaughey suggests women should “frost themselves” with as many diamonds as they desire to sell them. This term has stuck around ever since.

Picking the Right Ice

Just saying “iced out chain” makes you want to fill your closet with them. Diamond-covered jewelry is always a stylish choice, giving your existing outfits a fresh feel.

There are many variations of iced-out chains to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them; it’s all about personal preference. Let us guide you through it.

black diamond tennis chain

Diamond Type

Since the ice is the star of an iced-out chain, you’ll want it to look exceptionally cold. You can evaluate the quality of a diamond using the four C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

While each factor can significantly impact the cost and appearance of your piece, the most crucial aspects when choosing your chain are the cut and carat.

Cut refers to the shape of the diamonds, determining the personality and charisma of your piece compared to others. Round cut diamonds give off a classic and traditional vibe, while an emerald cut tennis chain feels more modern and unique.

emerald cut tennis chain

Do some research and try out various cuts until you discover the one that suits you perfectly.

Carat, on the other hand, refers to the size of the diamonds. This factor significantly influences the overall feel of your piece. Larger diamonds make a more noticeable impression, but keep in mind that you’ll have fewer gemstones on the surface. is an online store specializing in customized jewelry. If you desire a unique diamond-studded chain, clegit jewelry might be your best choice, renowned for its quality and design.

mens tennis chain

Chain Type

Although the main focus of your necklace is rarely the metal underneath, it plays a supporting role that shouldn’t be overlooked. People do notice the base metal, so it’s essential to choose one that meets certain standards.

Opting for a gold base metal brings a touch of royalty and tradition. Diamond-studded golden chains evoke memories of hip hop icons from the 80s and 90s, who influenced a whole style movement. Moreover, traditional gold provides a beautiful contrast to your diamonds, making them stand out even more.

iced out gold chain

But for an ultra-cool vibe, consider going with a white gold base metal. Clegit jewelry designer think white gold is designed to mimic the appearance of platinum, and when paired with dazzling diamonds, it creates a chain that’s as frosty as the polar ice caps. This not only offers a sleek and professional look but also shines brilliantly under the vibrant lights of a nightclub.

rose gold cuban link chain

And if you’re keen on standing out from the crowd, why not venture into something entirely different? Rose gold blends the essence of traditional gold with the refinement of white gold, resulting in a distinctive and stunning base metal for any chain. Rose gold is an excellent choice for those who are confident rocking iced-out chains and seek a bolder aesthetic. Based on our experience, rose gold is also a metal type that many ladies are enthusiastic about choosing.

white gold tennis chain

The Icing on the Cake

When someone mentions they’re getting an iced-out chain, you instantly recognize them as someone deserving of respect. Iced-out chains are fully adorned with diamonds, covering every inch from top to bottom and front to back.

mens diamond tennis chain

The term “ice” to describe diamonds isn’t a new concept; it stems from the heat-conducting properties of diamonds and their visual resemblance to ice cubes. However, its popularity soared thanks to hip hop songs, much like the mainstream rise of the term “bling.”

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