Is Emerald Engagement and Wedding Ring Trendy? Exploring the Trendiest Emerald Ring


Emerald engagement rings have long been a popular choice in the world of gemstone rings, thanks to their classic designs and stunning colors that have captivated many. So, is using emeralds as engagement rings a fashionable choice? Absolutely! They are rarer and more affordable than diamonds. Whether you’re looking for an investment or simply admiring their beauty, it’s a wise choice. In this article, we’ll take you on a comprehensive journey to understand the advantages of emerald engagement rings and explore the trendy styles they offer.

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Is the Emerald Engagement Ring in Style, Or Not?

Last year, Clegit, the trendy jewelry brand, discovered that Emerald was the most popular gemstone. They were shocked to see that more than 35% of the rings they sold had stunning Emerald center stones. People are increasingly leaning towards uniqueness, as many desire their engagement rings to reflect their individual style and personality.

Emeralds are incredibly rare, up to 20 times scarcer than mined diamonds, which makes them an excellent choice. These gorgeous gemstones form under unique conditions involving rare chemicals, specific pressure, temperature, and time – truly nature’s miracles.

Throughout history, emeralds have been linked to royalty and luxury. Their enchanting appeal goes back to ancient civilizations that believed emeralds had healing powers and symbolized peace, growth, new beginnings, fertility, and love.

Emeralds possess a vintage charm that never goes out of style; they are timeless. Whether it’s a family tradition, a birthstone, or simply the stunning green beauty that leaves you in awe, emeralds are highly sought after.

With their popularity surging once more, emeralds are being used not only as center stones but also as accent stones in engagement rings. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about these magnificent gemstones when choosing an engagement ring.

Get to Know the History of the Emerald Ring

Every gemstone has a fascinating history, but Emeralds stand out with their particularly intriguing past. These precious stones were first mined in Egypt as far back as 330 BC, but some experts believe the oldest ones are nearly 3 billion years old!

Cleopatra, the iconic Queen of the Nile, is one of the earliest historical figures associated with Emeralds. She adorned herself with these gems, as ancient Egyptians believed their vibrant green color symbolized fertility and rebirth.

Believe it or not, one of the world’s largest Emeralds, weighing an astonishing 1,383.93 carats, can be found right here in the UK. The uncut Duke of Devonshire Emerald was a gift from Emperor Pedro I of Brazil to William Cavendish, the 6th Duke of Devonshire, back in 1831.

In more recent times, Emeralds have been proudly worn by American First Ladies, Hollywood actors, popstars, and royalty. Their undeniable allure still captivates the public’s imagination, especially when they grace engagement rings following high-profile proposals.

Let’s take a look at which celebrities have worn emerald rings in the past: 6 Famous & Viral Celebrity Emerald Engagement

Be Clear on Emerald Ring Clarity

The four C’s commonly associated with diamonds – color, clarity, cut, and carat – can also be applied to Emeralds, even though there’s no standardized grading system for colored gemstones.

Each Emerald is evaluated individually, and while all four categories are considered, the lapidary (the person who cuts gemstones) will cut each Emerald in a way that showcases its unique best features.

When purchasing an Emerald, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t expect a flawless, completely clear gemstone. Every Emerald will have internal characteristics, known as inclusions, which may appear as imperfections or blemishes to the untrained eye.

These inclusions are entirely natural and form during the crystallization process. Various factors, like the geographical origin of the Emerald, influence the type of inclusions it contains. This is what makes each Emerald unique, akin to fingerprints – no two are exactly the same.

From delicate, feather-like inclusions to tiny liquid droplets, these inclusions manifest in various ways, adding to the distinctiveness of your Emerald. They contribute to its individual history and make it uniquely beautiful.

It’s worth noting that Clegit does not source Emeralds with black mineral inclusions, as these significantly impact the gemstone’s beauty.

Discover the Emerald Ring Perfect Shape and Cut

You might have heard of the emerald cut. It’s called that because it was originally designed to make emeralds look their best, but later, diamond cutters realized it works great for diamonds too.

Since emeralds grow in long crystals, the rectangular shape of an emerald cut shows off their rich color while making them more durable by avoiding those vulnerable corners.

However, just like other gemstones, you can find emeralds in various shapes, allowing you to create a unique piece for you and your partner.

Clegit has noticed that their customers often prefer the emerald cut when picking out precious engagement rings. The oval cut is also a popular choice, along with the round and cushion cuts, because they give the gem more sparkle with lots of facets.

When selecting your engagement ring, keep in mind that an emerald cut, in any gemstone, tends to be less forgiving, meaning it may show inclusions more prominently. If you’re concerned about that, you might want to consider a cut with more facets, like the oval, which can hide imperfections better.

Lab-Created Emerald Ring Vs. Real Emerald Ring

The gemstone mining industry, like the gemstones themselves, has its imperfections. For some environmentally conscious individuals, a lab-created emerald ring might align better with their expectations. These gemstone rings have the same hardness as natural ones. Because they are synthetically made, the stones tend to be clearer and free of impurities. Moreover, they come at a more affordable price. Many young people believe that the cost of a natural emerald ring could get them several lab-created emerald rings, making it a cost-effective choice. In fact, lab-created emeralds are replacing natural ones, marking a recent market trend. However, for those who seek a sense of history or consider jewelry as an investment, a natural emerald ring remains the better choice.

Care Is Easier Than You May Think

While they have a reputation for being a bit delicate, they aren’t as hard to maintain as you might imagine. Emeralds are softer than Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires, so they can be more prone to scratches and chipping. However, with a little extra care, you can wear them daily, as long as you avoid activities like gardening that could potentially damage them. Just find a safe place to keep your ring during such activities to protect it.

When it comes to cleaning Emerald ring, avoid using harsh chemicals or an ultrasonic cleaner, as these can harm the beautiful stone. Instead, it’s quite simple. Just use lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush to gently clean it.

Trendiest Emerald Ring This Year

Dramatic oversized looks are perfectly striking

If you’re sure you want an emerald engagement ring, you’re probably not looking for something plain. So, why not take that striking emerald appearance to the next level? Choose a super-sized emerald surrounded by an oversized emerald-shaped frame. Be daring and go for the largest option within your budget to make a truly remarkable statement with your engagement ring.

Square and rectangle cuts are sleek yet to-the-point

Square and rectangular engagement rings are a great choice for those who like things straightforward and don’t want lots of extra frills or overly cute, delicate details overshadowing the gem. Opt for a stylish square or oblong cut that lets the emerald take center stage in a bold yet tasteful way.

Round emerald stones appear softer

Conversely, folks who appreciate delicate and feminine styles will probably lean towards circle or oval-shaped emerald engagement rings rather than square or rectangular ones. While emerald may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of feminine shades, emerald engagement rings can still exude ultra-femininity with their gentle, rounded cuts and extra sparkle.

Consider how the emerald is framed

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with allowing the emerald gem to shine on its own without any extra fuss. However, if you’re aiming for a one-of-a-kind, dazzling appearance, think about choosing a ring that doesn’t just feature emeralds but also includes diamonds or other precious gems. We can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love an emerald ring surrounded by small, sparkling diamonds!

It’s okay to be subtle, even with emerald stones

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