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Ice Spice Jewelry: What Kind Of Jewelry Does Ice Spice Wear?

Ice Spice, the famous rapper celebrated for her distinctive fashion sense, has become a style icon for many female fans. Whether it’s her daring outfits or dazzling accessories, Ice Spice consistently nails it with her jewelry choices. If you’re eager to draw fashion inspiration from this talented artist, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of Ice Spice’s jewelry, exploring the types of pieces she adorns and how you can integrate them into your own wardrobe. Get ready to infuse some sparkle and shine into your style!

Who Is Ice Spice?

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, hails from Bronx, NY, and is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. She rose to prominence in the music industry with her EP album “Like..?,” featuring hit singles like “In Ha Mood” and “Princess Diana,” in collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Ice Spice is renowned for her unique and diverse style, often blending streetwear with high-end designer elements. Her jewelry choices are no different, as she has a fondness for bold, attention-grabbing statement pieces that mirror her lively personality.

What Kind of Jewelry Does Ice Spice Like?

Ice Spice is into a whole bunch of different jewelry styles, but there are a few main types she really goes for. Check out the kinds of jewelry you’ll often catch her rocking:

  • Big Chains: Ice Spice is all about those chunky chains, whether they’re hanging around her neck or decorating her wrists. She goes for those bold, oversized links that really stand out. You can wear these chains solo for a statement look, or mix and match with other necklaces for some eclectic vibes.
  • Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are a must in Ice Spice’s jewelry collection. She tends to pick larger hoops that bring some drama and flair to her outfits. It doesn’t matter if they’re gold, silver, or blinged out with diamonds—hoop earrings are a go-to for Ice Spice when she wants to complete her style.
  • Eye-Catching Rings: Ice Spice is a fan of rings that grab attention. Whether it’s a big, glitzy cocktail ring or something quirky and unique, she’s not shy about making a statement with her hand jewelry. Throw on one of these rings, and you’ll instantly add some personality and flair to your own style.
  • Delicate Necklaces: Even though Ice Spice is all about bold pieces, she also mixes in some dainty necklaces. These subtle chains often come with small pendants or charms, giving her looks a touch of femininity. Layer a few of these necklaces, and you’ll create a trendy and fashionable vibe.
  • Body Bling: Ice Spice isn’t afraid to play around with body jewelry like belly chains, anklets, and nose rings. She likes to weave these pieces into her outfits for a unique and edgy touch. If you’re itching to spice up your style, take a cue from Ice Spice and give some body bling a shot.

Where Does Ice Spice Get Her Jewelry?

Ice Spice gets her jewelry from different places. She likes to check out fancy designer stores and luxury boutiques for unique and attention-grabbing pieces. Some of her go-to designer brands include Gucci, Chanel, and Balenciaga, known for their bold and flashy jewelry.

Ice Spice is also big on supporting independent jewelry designers. She often discovers cool and new pieces through social media, especially on platforms like Instagram. Ice Spice even teams up with jewelry brands and designers to create custom pieces. One standout creation was crafted by Benny Da Jeweler – it’s a blinged-out, animated face of Ice Spice. This custom piece features her with a rose gold afro and has over 80 carats of diamonds.

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How Much Is Ice Spice’s Necklace Worth?

Ice Spice’s latest chain, crafted by Benny Da Jeweler, is valued at a whopping $100,000. This custom diamond piece is a real showstopper, showcasing an animated version of Ice Spice’s face with a curly diamond-covered afro. The chain itself is about the size of a baseball, making it a bold and attention-grabbing accessory. Ice Spice recently flaunted this stunning piece during her performance at Rolling Loud.

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Ice Spice isn’t just a skilled rapper – she’s a trendsetter in the fashion world. Her fearless and one-of-a-kind jewelry choices have become a trademark of her style. Whether it’s eye-catching rings or delicate necklaces, Ice Spice knows how to pick accessories that turn heads. She gets her bling from fancy designer stores, luxury boutiques, and independent designers. Ice Spice isn’t shy about trying out body jewelry for that extra edge in her outfits. The talk of the town is her custom diamond chain from Benny Da Jeweler, valued at a cool $100,000. Whether you’re a fan or just hunting for some style inspo, rocking Ice Spice’s jewelry is a surefire way to stand out and make a statement. is a highly capable online store for creating and selling customized Jewelry. We offer customization services for all types of jewelry, including custom engagement rings, custom rings, custom pendant, custom earrings, custom bracelets, custom necklace, custom anklet, ect. If you have a preferred type and a specific design style in mind, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to create a custom jewelry that fits you perfectly

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