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Emerald Engagement Ring: A Buying Guide


Since ancient times, emerald engagement rings have captivated people around the world. Their rich, velvety green hue has an irresistible allure that draws the eye. Not only are they the birthstone of May, but they also symbolize the 20th and 30th wedding anniversaries. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of emeralds, covering aspects such as the characteristics of emerald rings, their cut, maintenance, significance, and how to choose the right one. This knowledge aims to give you peace of mind when shopping for these precious gems.

Characteristics of Emeralds: Unique and Easy to Appreciate

One interesting aspect of emeralds is that they usually have inclusions visible to the naked eye. Finding an emerald without any visible inclusions is extremely rare and, as you might guess, incredibly costly. The inclusions in emeralds are so prevalent and fascinating that they have their own special name, “jardin,” which means “garden” in French. When you look at these inclusions under a microscope, they reveal a distinctive appearance, reminiscent of an underwater garden. However, it’s important to be cautious of any inclusions that reach the surface of the emerald, as these can weaken the stone. To ensure you get an emerald that’s both beautiful and durable, it’s wise to consult a reputable gemologist. They can guide you in choosing a gem that’s safe for everyday wear.


4 Ways to Pick a Perfect Emerald Ring

Choosing the Right Shade of Green in Emeralds

When selecting the perfect green for an emerald, it’s a blend of personal preference and understanding the gem’s symbolism. Emeralds represent love, abundance, and eternal unity. Their colors vary from lime or yellowish greens to the more prized bluish greens. An outstanding emerald typically exhibits a vibrant bluish green, ranging from light to moderately dark tones. While it’s important to follow your heart in choosing a gemstone, aim for one that radiates a refined, wintergreen hue. This shade not only speaks of sophistication but also holds great value and meaning.

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The Unique Clarity of Emeralds

Emeralds, the birthstone of May, are unique for their clarity, which gives each stone its distinct character. Even the finest emeralds, graded as AAA+, showcase characteristics known as ‘jardin’, French for garden, due to their garden-like appearance. These features, including solid, liquid, and gaseous inclusions, as well as needles and crystals, act as a natural timestamp, marking each gem’s growth history.

A highly valued emerald is one with a vivid green color, boasting a transparent to translucent quality. This exceptional color is enhanced by the gem’s internal clarity features, making each emerald not just a stone, but a piece of natural art with its own history and unique beauty.

Emerald Treatments and Their Impact

Emeralds often undergo various treatments to enhance their appearance and marketability. Common methods include oiling with substances like baby oil or more semi-permanent treatments such as resin fillings. Treated emeralds are frequently seen in the market, mainly because these treatments can significantly improve their saleability.

However, an untreated, natural emerald, particularly one with exceptional clarity and a rich bluish-green color, can command high prices at auctions. The rarity and natural beauty of such gems make them highly sought after.

When purchasing an emerald ring, it’s crucial to insist on a certificate. This document verifies the gem’s authenticity and treatment history, both of which greatly influence its value. Being informed about the treatments an emerald has undergone helps ensure that you understand the true worth of your investment.

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Emerald Mining and Its Global Reach

Columbia, in South America, is renowned for producing spectacular emeralds, especially known for their exceptional color and clarity. The towns of Chivor and Muzo are particularly famous for their high-quality, transparent, bluish-green emeralds. In addition to Columbia, Brazil and Zambia are significant emerald-producing regions, known for their commercial-grade gems with lighter tones. Recently, Ethiopia has emerged as a popular source of vivid green emeralds.

Emeralds are celebrated for their rich color, sometimes likened to the green in the eyes of Aphrodite, adding to their unique allure among gemstones. Investing in an emerald is not just a purchase; it’s a timeless addition that continues to dazzle. Jupitertgem boasts a collection of exquisite gems, ideal for crafting a customized emerald engagement ring. Choose a gemstone that resonates with you, and let us handle the creation of your dream ring.

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Are Emerald Engagement Rings Worth the Green?

Yes, high-quality emeralds can indeed be pricier than diamonds due to their rarity. It’s surprising, but true. Yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a gorgeous and affordable emerald. When choosing one, the color is key. The ideal shades range from bluish-green to pure green. You should look for a stone with a vibrant, clear color, avoiding any with visible color zoning, like uneven stripes of color. The cut of the emerald is crucial too; it should enhance its natural hue. If it’s cut too deep, the color may appear too dark, while a shallow cut can make it look washed out. Remember, emeralds don’t sparkle like diamonds, but a well-cut emerald with symmetrical facets can still exhibit captivating flashes of bright green light. Also, lab-grown emeralds are a budget-friendly option. They usually have fewer inclusions and are significantly more affordable. So, if you’re working with a limited budget but still dream of the emerald birthstone ring, consider lab-grown options.

Understanding Emerald Cuts

The term “emerald cut” actually originates from the traditional method of cutting emerald gemstones. This cut, characterized by its long, rectangular facets, perfectly complements the natural elongated hexagonal crystal structure of emeralds. Additionally, the cut corners of this shape are not just for aesthetics; they play a crucial role in protecting the gemstone from chipping, considering emeralds are relatively soft. Therefore, it’s common to see many emerald engagement rings featuring this emerald cut. Interestingly, this cutting style is also popular with diamonds, being one of the earliest diamond shapes used. However, unlike the brilliant cut diamond, which is known for its radiating facets, the emerald cut is a step-cut stone. It exhibits a more understated, yet sophisticated fire and flash, making it a favorite among many jewelry enthusiasts

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How to Maintain an Emerald Green Ring?

First things first, let’s address the durability of gemstones. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, which rates the ability of minerals to withstand scratches, diamonds top the chart with a perfect 10. Sapphires and rubies, both forms of corundum, score a 9. Emeralds, on the other hand, fall between 7.5 and 8. To put it plainly, for an everyday wear item, this is about the lowest hardness we’d suggest. Why? Simply put, the softer the gemstone, the more prone it is to scratches from materials that are harder.

Given this, it’s important to be aware that the relatively lower hardness of emeralds makes them more vulnerable to scratches and wear. Day-to-day activities like doing housework, carrying shopping bags, or even casual contact with harder surfaces could potentially harm your emerald engagement ring. Over time, these small scratches can add up, dulling the stone’s natural shine and beauty. Obviously, that’s not ideal. To help protect your emerald, consider these handy tips:

Maintain Its Sparkle

To preserve the beauty of your green emerald engagement ring, it’s essential to keep it clean. Gently wash it using lukewarm water mixed with a mild soap, and use a soft brush for cleaning. It’s crucial to steer clear of abrasive cleaning agents as they can damage the surface of the emerald.

Proper Storage for Your Green Emerald Ring

When you’re not wearing your emerald engagement ring, ensure it’s stored properly. Place it in a padded jewelry box or a soft pouch. This luxurious storage method helps to avoid any contact with harder objects that could potentially scratch the emerald.

Be Mindful of When to Remove It

It’s wise to take off your emerald ring during certain activities like pilates, weight lifting, gardening, or intense at-home workout sessions. While your finger might feel a bit bare without the ring, remember, it’s always better to have a naked finger than a damaged ring!

Regular Maintenance is Key

Make sure to have regular check-ups for your emerald ring. These inspections should focus on the setting and prongs to ensure the stone is securely in place. It’s important to keep your cherished piece safe! At Frank Darling, we provide a complimentary care plan. This plan includes free services like ring resizing, polishing, and prong tightening for life, as long as the center stone of the engagement ring was purchased from us. Learn more about how to request maintenance for your emerald engagement ring.

Choose a Protective Setting

Opt for a ring setting that provides additional protection for the emerald. Settings like a bezel or halo design are great choices, as they help to shield and secure the edges of the stone.

Be Realistic About Emerald Green Engagement Rings

It’s important to stay captivated by the allure of emeralds, but also to recognize that their lower hardness level means they need more care, especially when set in an engagement ring. Adjust your expectations accordingly and adhere to the guidelines mentioned earlier. Just remember not to accidentally scrape your ring against anything harder than a 7.5 on the Mohs Scale, and you should be fine.

If you still have numerous questions, then these are the most comprehensive answers to all:

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Symbolism of the Green Emerald Ring

Green emerald rings carry a wealth of meaning, varying across different cultures. They hold historical and general symbolism, and there’s also room for personal interpretation. Emeralds are not just gemstones; they are symbols rich in cultural and individual significance.

Emeralds in History: A Regal and Mystical Gem

Historically, emeralds, recognized as the birthstone of May, have been revered as ‘The Jewel of Kings.’ They were believed to endow one with sharp wit and a strong memory. Some ancient lore even suggested that emeralds could grant the power to foresee the future. Beyond their decorative use, these gemstones held a place in medicinal practices too. Arab, Hindu, and Spanish physicians frequently used emeralds as a talisman to protect against poisons, infections, and to ward off evil spirits.

Modern Meaning of Green Emerald Engagement Rings

In contemporary times, green is emblematic of growth, vitality, and the rejuvenation of life. It’s the color of new leaves, lush grass, and the vibrant scenery of spring. Wearing a green emerald engagement ring signifies the beginning of a new life chapter. It represents the exhilarating path that lies ahead, filled with adventures, discoveries, and deepening love.

Moreover, an emerald green engagement ring can be seen as a symbol of prosperity. Traditionally linked to wealth and abundance, it’s not just about financial prosperity but also the richness of love and partnership in one’s life.

Thus, each glance at your beautiful emerald ring can serve as a reminder of your relationship’s ongoing growth and evolution. It’s a symbol of the journey you and your partner are on, strengthening and flourishing together with each new day.

Lab Created Emerald Ring: A Modern Marvel

The ability to grow emeralds in a laboratory dates back to the 1800s, but it’s only recently that this method has become more cost-effective than traditional mining. Lab-grown emeralds, similar to lab-grown diamonds, are identical in chemical and visual properties to those mined from the earth. Interestingly, lab-grown emeralds often have higher clarity than natural emeralds, as the controlled growing environment is less harsh.

The Growth Process: Emeralds in labs are created using hydrothermal flux synthesis. This method involves placing a beryl seed in a sealed, pressurized container filled with the minerals that naturally form emeralds. Heat and an electrical charge simulate the natural conditions for emerald growth, allowing the gem to develop from the seed.

However, this is a slow process; it takes about 60 days to grow just one millimeter of an emerald. Due to this gradual growth rate, lab-grown emeralds are among the priciest lab-created gemstones.

If you’re looking for an emerald engagement ring that’s luxurious yet stays within your budget, Clegit Jewelry is your best bet. As an online custom jeweler, they offer a wide range of lab-created gems that are beautiful and affordable. Plus, they provide free silver options and boast over a decade of experience with jewelry designers and craftsmen. They’re the go-to choice for high-quality, reasonably priced jewelry.

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Celebrity Fascination with Emerald Stone Ring

It might be the striking contrast with red carpets, but celebrities certainly love their emerald jewelry. Fashion-forward stars like Zoe Kravitz and Angelina Jolie are often seen sporting large emerald earrings. Red-haired beauties such as Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, and Julia Roberts perfectly embody this trend. However, it’s not just about earrings – some celebrities are also embracing emerald engagement rings! Victoria Beckham flaunts a cushion-cut emerald set in a diamond-encrusted pavé band (remember that stunning close-up earlier?), while Halle Berry opts for a square-cut emerald ring. Olivia Wilde dazzles with a diamond ring featuring an elegant emerald halo. Even Jackie O made a statement with her diamond and emerald engagement ring. And when it comes to style, there’s no disputing Jackie O’s choices.

Halle Berry’s emerald is set in a secure yellow gold bezel and adorned with round diamonds.
We’re not NOT obsessed.
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