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For centuries, citrine, whether in a vibrant yellow or a vivid orange hue, has served as a representation of the Sun. Acknowledged as the prominent yellow gemstone and designated as the birthstone for November, citrine engagement rings have emerged as a widely embraced, albeit unconventional, means of commemorating commitment. Discover the criteria for assessing the excellence of a citrine engagement ring and gain insights into preserving its enduring allure for years to come.

natural citrine ring

What’s the Appeal of a Citrine Engagement Ring?

The cheerful colors of citrine are often linked to feelings of well-being and joy. Not only does its toughness make it an excellent pick for an engagement ring, but it’s also among the top options for a large and budget-friendly gemstone. is an online custom jewelry store specializing in jewelry design, and manufacturing. With a decade of experience in jewelry craftsmanship and a team of skilled designers, they offer exclusive designer services for just $99.99. Additionally, they regularly provide complimentary silver services.
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yellow gold citrine ring

Alternatives in Yellow and Orange Tones

If your preference is a gold-hued gem but you’re open to options beyond citrine, there are several alternatives to consider. Yellow or orange sapphire, as well as yellow diamond, stand out as excellent choices for an engagement ring stone. Moreover, they boast higher hardness levels compared to citrine. It’s important to note that these gems tend to be pricier.

raw citrine

For those initially drawn to citrine due to budget considerations, there are still other affordable gold-colored options available. Take topaz, for instance, which serves as the traditional November birthstone and is readily found in most jewelry stores. Interestingly, citrine is occasionally mistaken for topaz. Another option is heliodor, a lesser-known relative of aquamarine and emerald, offering durability suitable for everyday wear. Both topaz and heliodor surpass citrine in hardness, and they remain cost-effective, even in larger sizes.

Citrine Quality Factors

Compared to the usual engagement ring stones, citrine prices don’t fluctuate significantly. However, being aware of the distinctions in pricing can help you make informed decisions. In the end, you might not necessarily aim for the absolute “top quality”; rather, prioritize finding the perfect gem that aligns with your style and budget.

Similar to diamonds, a citrine’s value is determined by the Four Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat.


To begin, think about the color that appeals to you the most. Are you drawn to a vibrant, pure yellow, or do you prefer something more subtle or even with a hint of orange? Generally, the more intense the color of citrine, the higher the price. A vivid yellow or orange citrine will typically be pricier than a paler or slightly brownish one. When examining a citrine, it’s crucial to check for any color zoning – variations in darker and lighter colors within the stone can diminish its beauty.

Color Treatments

Did you know that most citrine starts as smoky quartz? By applying heat to smoky quartz or amethyst, you can transform it into yellow or orange citrine. Because this treatment resembles natural processes that can occur underground, many consider it a way of nudging nature along.

However, it’s wise to inquire about any other treatments or enhancements the gemstone may have undergone. Some citrines obtain their color through dyes or coatings, which might fade or wear off with time. Even though citrine is affordable, there’s no need to invest in a stone that could lose its charm.


Now, consider the shape of the gem that appeals to you. Citrine gemstones come in various shapes, ranging from classic rounds to popular ovals and pears, as well as more unconventional or asymmetrical designs. When evaluating a gemstone, ensure that the shape appears well-proportioned. Round areas should be perfectly round, corners should be sharp, and straight lines should be, well, straight. Any asymmetry can give the gem an uneven appearance.

citrine rings yellow gold

As a general rule, it’s advisable to steer clear of stones with unclear outlines. Gems that fall “in between” an oval and a round, or a square and a rectangle, may not look ideal in a ring.

Additionally, take note of the stone’s length-to-width ratio. Some people prefer their pears or ovals to be more elongated, while others may prefer a more squat appearance.

Cut Quality Concerns

It’s important to be aware that many citrine gemstones may exhibit cut quality issues, so it’s crucial to be vigilant for signs of poor cutting.

citrine diamond ring

Standard cuts can sometimes result in a window effect in the gem. If the center of the stone appears lighter than the outer portion, it indicates that light is passing through the gem rather than reflecting back to your eye. To check for this, place a paper with writing behind the gem and look through it. If the text is visible, the gem has a window.

Additionally, inspect the black areas within the gem. When you move the gem, light should sparkle through. Persistent black areas indicate extinction, a result of poor cutting angles. If a citrine displays more than 25% extinction over its surface, it’s advisable to continue your search for another gem.

citrine silver ring

For those with a flexible budget, consider the option of engaging a lapidary to custom cut your gem. While this can significantly enhance the stone’s beauty, it may also contribute to a higher price.

Standard Proportions

If you’ve already got a ring setting, double-check the measurements for your citrine. It should be the right standard size to snugly fit into the ring. Dealing with a gem that doesn’t match the setting can be a real hassle.

Clegit jewelry boasts a team of highly experienced jewelers with decades of rich expertise. When it comes to quality, we never compromise, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and designing the perfect yellow citrine engagement ring tailored just for you.


Even though most citrines have fantastic clarity, it’s always a good idea to inspect your stone. Steer clear of any citrines with visible imperfections, like dark spots or cloudy areas.

If your citrine has clarity issues, keep searching. Citrine is pretty common and usually clear to the eye, so finding the perfect stone shouldn’t be too hard.

citrine stackable ring


Since citrine comes in larger sizes, the price per carat doesn’t shoot up dramatically with size. Unlike some gems where a two-carat stone can cost three or four times as much as a one-carat stone, a two-carat citrine will only be twice as much as a one-carat stone of the same quality. Similarly, a four-carat citrine will cost twice as much as a two-carat stone.

Citrine Engagement Ring Settings and Styles

Picking the right setting and style for your engagement ring is perhaps even more critical than choosing the center stone. Luckily, citrine is tough enough for any setting, be it vintage or modern. Many couples go for the classic prong-set solitaire, while others encircle the center stone with a dazzling halo.

If you’re worried about accidentally harming your gem, consider a protective setting like a bezel. Clegit jewelry designer Tracy think this type of setting surrounds the outer edge of the stone, making it less prone to snags, knocks, and scratches.

citrine birthstone ring

Some fans believe citrine’s golden hues pair best with jewelry metals like yellow gold, while others prefer the warmth of rose gold or the cool, neutral tone of white gold.

Caring for Your Citrine Engagement Ring

To keep your ring looking fantastic, regular cleaning is key. Citrine rings fare well in ultrasonic or steam cleaners, but a simple solution of soapy water and a gentle brush can do the trick just as effectively.

It’s important to note that citrines with coatings or dyes may lose color during cleaning. For these gems, stick to a mild detergent and water — and use a brush only when absolutely necessary.

antique citrine ring

As time goes by, you might notice scratches on your stone and a loss of transparency. A professional lapidary can typically polish out these scratches. As long as the scratches aren’t too deep, the stone will only experience minimal weight loss. However, if there are deep scratches or chips, it might be worth considering a replacement. Consult with your jeweler to find the right stone that fits seamlessly into your setting. is a highly capable online store for creating and selling customized Jewelry. We offer customization services for all types of jewelry, including custom engagement rings, custom rings, custom pendant, custom earrings, custom bracelets, custom necklace, custom anklet, ect. If you have a preferred type and a specific design style in mind, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to create a custom jewelry that fits you perfectly.

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