Can An Emerald Be An Engagement Ring: Too soft? Out Of Fashion?Expensive?


There’s always been a debate about whether an emerald can be an engagement ring. But in a nutshell, as long as you take good care of it, there’s no problem using it as an engagement ring. This article will analyze aspects like its hardness, style, significance, and price to help you make the right decision – all in simple and understandable terms.

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Can an emerald be used as an engagement ring?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. Emeralds symbolize hope, renewal, and new beginnings, with their green color representing vitality and prosperity, making them perfect to celebrate the start of a new relationship or life together. Additionally, emeralds symbolize loyalty and true love, qualities that are incredibly important in marriage. However, just like a hard gemstone needs careful handling, even the most loyal love needs to be tenderly nurtured.

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Are emeralds too soft for engagement Rings?

GemstoneHardness (Mohs Scale)Color
different gemstone hardness and color

Emeralds, with their unique charm and striking green hue, make for stunning engagement rings. Although not as hard as some other popular gemstones, they’re still a viable choice for rings, provided you take the right care. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, which measures gemstone toughness, emeralds score about an 8. This is impressive, though not quite as high as diamonds, which top the scale at 10. Only a few gems like sapphires, rubies, and corundum outshine emeralds in hardness. Interestingly, emeralds are on par with hardened steel and other gemstones like topaz, aquamarine, and beryl.

The main thing to watch out for with emeralds is their toughness, or rather, their lack of it. Emeralds tend to be brittle because of their natural inclusions, which jewelers affectionately refer to as “jardin” (French for ‘garden’). These jardin inclusions are normal, but you should know that some might reach the surface, making the emerald more prone to chipping. When picking an emerald, aim for one with minimal surface-reaching inclusions. And if you’re planning to have it as your main stone, consider a protective setting, like a bezel or halo, to keep it safe.

Emerald engagement rings, growing in popularity, are still less common than diamond rings, offering a unique touch. Available in various shapes, the most popular is the emerald cut, designed to enhance its lush green color and clarity. Emeralds look stunning with any metal, but they truly stand out with yellow gold. Since emeralds have a gentler shine compared to other gems, you might want to add some extra sparkle to your ring, like a diamond halo or a three-stone design with diamonds on each side of the emerald.

After wearing, remember to gently clean its surface with soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Also, it’s best to avoid exposing your precious gem to extreme heat or cold. And like all gemstones, emeralds shouldn’t come into contact with harsh chemicals to prevent any erosion. Take good care of your emerald, and it will continue to dazzle for years to come.

What are the cons of emerald engagement ring?

Emeralds are naturally a bit delicate because of their inclusions, making them somewhat brittle and more likely to chip or crack. That’s why most emeralds are treated with an oil filler to enhance their clarity. But this means you can’t just pop them into any jewelry cleaning machine. Those machines could harm the emerald and strip away the oil filler. So, when cleaning, make sure you’re using a solution that’s safe for emeralds. Usually, a bit of warm, soapy water and a gentle scrub with a toothbrush is all you need to keep your ring looking great. Although emeralds need a bit of extra care, a well-maintained emerald ring really stands out.

Top-quality emeralds are actually rarer and pricier than diamonds. This is because the conditions needed to form an emerald are quite specific. They need hydrothermal veins with just the right atmosphere for crystallization, unlike diamonds which are mostly about carbon, heat, and pressure. Plus, emeralds have a lower density, so a one-carat emerald will look bigger than a one-carat diamond. And remember, when choosing an emerald, it’s best to find one with as few surface-reaching inclusions as possible.

Emeralds might not be as tough as some other gemstones, but their beauty and uniqueness make them a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. If the wearer is okay with giving it a little extra care and attention, it’s a great way to keep the stone’s sparkle over time. Choosing a protective setting and getting regular check-ups from a professional jeweler can also help reduce the risks of wearing an emerald engagement ring every day.

Does an Emerald Engagement Ring Look Outdated?

An emerald engagement ring does not go out of style. In fact, with its unique charm and classic beauty, an emerald ring has always been a popular choice for engagement rings. The green hue of emeralds symbolizes renewal and hope, giving a sense of timelessness and elegance. Moreover, emerald engagement rings can be paired with a variety of styles and designs, from simple to intricate, each showcasing its unique allure. Therefore, regardless of how fashion trends change, emerald rings maintain their classic and stylish status.

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A delicate question: what is the price of an emerald engagement ring?

Many people know that emeralds are not cheap, but how much do they actually cost?

Carat RangeSilver MaterialGold or Platinum Material
Under 0.5 CaratApprox. $100 – $500Approx. $500 – $1,500
0.5 to 1.5 CaratsApprox. $500 – $2,000Approx. $2,000 – $5,000
Over 1.5 CaratsApprox. $2,000 – $5,000Over $5,000 (can reach tens of thousands for high quality)
emerald engagement ring price

This table represents the approximate price range of emerald rings based on carat size and the material of the metal. These are general estimates and actual prices may vary.

We can see that, depending on the material, ring prices range between $100 and $5,000. This largely depends on the size of the gemstone in carats and the metal used. In fact, rings priced between $2,000 and $3,000 are quite common in the market. High-quality, well-known brands, or emeralds with a special historical background often retain their value well, but this is also dictated by market supply and demand.

If you think the price is too high, then a synthetic emerald ring could be a great alternative. It’s almost as hard as natural gems and usually has fewer impurities. Plus, it’s more wallet-friendly and you won’t have to worry about the ethical issues related to mining.

Lab-Created Emerald Ring Vs. Real Emerald Ring

The gemstone mining industry, like the gemstones themselves, has its imperfections. For some environmentally conscious individuals, a lab-created emerald ring might align better with their expectations. These gemstone rings have the same hardness as natural ones. Because they are synthetically made, the stones tend to be clearer and free of impurities. Moreover, they come at a more affordable price. Many young people believe that the cost of a natural emerald ring could get them several lab-created emerald rings, making it a cost-effective choice. In fact, lab-created emeralds are replacing natural ones, marking a recent market trend. However, for those who seek a sense of history or consider jewelry as an investment, a natural emerald ring remains the better choice. is a highly capable online store for creating and selling customized Jewelry. We offer customization services for all types of jewelry, including custom engagement rings, custom rings, custom pendant, custom earrings, custom bracelets, custom necklace, custom anklet, ect. If you have a preferred type and a specific design style in mind, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to create a custom jewelry that fits you perfectly

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