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9 Tips for Making Your Emerald Ring Last Forever


An emerald engagement ring is a valuable piece of jewelry. It has a relatively soft texture and a surface treated with oil. Many people are unsure about how to properly protect their rings. This article will provide you with detailed answers to all your questions, covering topics such as cleaning, wearing, and storing your precious emerald ring

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Is it Okay to Wear an Emerald Ring Every Day?

On the Mohs scale, which measures how tough gemstones are, emeralds score around 7.5 to 8. While that’s a pretty good rating, it doesn’t quite match up to the perfect 10 for diamonds or even the 9 for rubies and sapphires.

So, can you wear an emerald ring regularly? Well, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time at a computer and your hands don’t go through a lot of wear and tear, then an emerald ring is a great choice. If you’re someone who often gets your hands dirty, you can still enjoy wearing your emerald ring, but you’ll need to take extra care to keep it looking lovely. One easy way to do this is by putting it in a protective setting.

What’s the Best Setting for an Emerald Engagement Ring?

Tube-set emerald rings offer both a fashionable and practical choice. Examples like the Tube Set Emerald Cut Lab Grown Emerald Gold Ring and the Night Fall Gold Emerald Ring combine beauty with durability.

If you want to add some glamour while safeguarding your emerald, consider designs like the Cat-Claw Halo Oval Lab Grown Emerald Gold Ring with a Moissanite Band. These styles provide extra protection around the entire gem.

Insider Tip: Although Zambian emeralds, such as the stunning Cat-Claw Solitaire Round Emerald Ring with a Diamond Band, are adored, lab-grown emeralds are often more robust. A lab-grown emerald like the Cat-Claw Solitaire Emerald Cut Lab Grown Emerald Silver Ring With a Moissanite Band is meticulously crafted, ensuring it lacks any natural cracks or weak spots.

How to Restore the Shine to Your Emeralds?

Many of you often wonder why your emerald looks dull. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: your ring is dirty! It’s easy to assume that your ring gets cleaned when you wash your hands, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Soaps and creams can leave a residue on your gem, making it lose its luster over time.

While it’s a good idea to take off your ring when washing your hands, you don’t need to be overly cautious about it. Leaving your ring unattended in a public place or near an open drain can lead to accidents. So, instead of avoiding contact with creams and soaps altogether, focus on cleaning up after them. You can use a small amount of vinegar to clean your emeralds.

Can Emeralds Get Wet?

Yes, emeralds can get wet without any issues if you splash a bit of water on them. However, it’s advisable to remove your emeralds when you’re swimming, showering, cleaning, or using any harsh chemicals or cleaners to ensure their long-term beauty and durability.

How to Safely Clean Your Emerald Jewelry?

While vinegar can be used, it may remove the natural oils from your ring. This is not a concern for lab-created emeralds. However, for natural emeralds, it’s better to use warm, soapy water.

  1. Begin by soaking the ring in lukewarm water mixed with a mild dish soap that removes grease. Let it soak for 1-2 hours. If the ring isn’t very dirty, 15-30 minutes may be enough.
  2. Carefully wipe the ring with a soft, lint-free cloth, like an old t-shirt scrap, to remove any dirt buildup.
  3. Rinse the ring thoroughly under warm water, making sure to direct the water from different angles to get rid of dirt and soap residue from all sides.
  4. Dry the ring with another lint-free cloth to prevent water spots, and then let it air-dry completely.

This gentle cleaning method will bring back the shine and brilliance of your emerald engagement ring. It’s a good idea to clean it at least once a month to prevent the buildup of grime that might require harsher cleaning methods, potentially risking damage to the gemstone, setting, or metal.

Pro Tip: While ultrasonic cleaners can be effective for some jewelry, emerald jewelry should be treated with greater care. Avoid using these aggressive machines and stick to the gentle cleaning method using soap and water.

Should You Apply Oil to an Emerald?

Many natural emeralds have undergone a treatment involving the application of oil to enhance their clarity and appearance. To maintain their sparkle and clear appearance, you can reapply oil.

However, when it comes to lab-created emeralds, oiling is not necessary. These lab-grown gemstones typically have a high level of clarity, so they do not require oiling to achieve a glossy look—another advantage of lab-grown emeralds!

Properly Store Your Emerald Jewelry for Longevity

Effective jewelry storage is essential for preserving the lifespan of your emerald ring. Allocate specific areas to keep your jewelry pieces and ensure that your emeralds are not jostled around in a crowded jewelry box. For rings, consider investing in ring dishes, where you can safely store your ring while washing your hands or doing the dishes.

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Purchase Insurance For The Emerald Rings

Think about adding your ring to your rental or homeowner’s insurance as a valuable item. This way, it will be protected in case of theft or major damage, like a flood or fire at home.

Things to Avoid Doing to Your Emerald Ring

Just as important as knowing how to properly care for an emerald engagement ring is being aware of what not to do.

  • Harsh Chemicals: Do not use harsh solvents such as acetone, rubbing alcohol, paint thinner, bleach, or other chemicals on an emerald ring. These chemicals can discolor fracture fills or metal finishes.
  • Brushes: Do not use stiff bristles, brushes, pins, or picks to scrape an emerald or the niches of an engagement ring, as they can disturb the fills or treatments and cause extra scratches.
  • Heat: Do not use high heat, steam, or hot water to clean emerald jewelry, which could cause gas expansion and exacerbate fractures within the gemstone.
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