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Numerous gemstones can display a pink tint, a color linked to emotions such as love, compassion, and kindness. Quite a few of these pink gemstones are also reasonably priced per carat, making it accessible for everyone to discover something within their budget. Presenting our top 21 pink gemstones ideal for jewelry. Some may already be known to you, while others might catch you off guard. So, which one will be your next purchase?

Pink Diamond

Diamonds are globally favored as the top choice for engagement rings, and there’s a good reason for it – they are extremely hard. In fact, diamonds are so tough that only other diamonds can scratch their surfaces. Due to their abundance and durability, diamonds are celebrated as the birthstone for April.

pink diamond

Pink diamonds, unlike their more common white counterparts, are exceptionally rare in nature. They boast some of the highest values per carat among all gemstones. However, if you desire the same aesthetic at a more affordable price, a synthetic diamond could be the perfect choice. Thanks to modern growing processes, pink stones can now be produced economically. The availability of numerous lab-created pink diamonds also allows jewelers to create sets of stones that match, a nearly impossible feat with naturally scarce gems.

If the fact that these diamonds were created in a lab rather than formed naturally doesn’t bother you, this presents an exciting opportunity that wasn’t accessible to buyers just a few years ago.

Pink Sapphire

Although diamonds take the crown for hardness, corundum gems claim the second spot among natural stones in terms of hardness. When corundum displays a red hue, it’s called ruby; however, if it comes in any other color, including pink, it goes by the name sapphire. Sapphires, known for their durability, are ideal for various jewelry types, particularly engagement rings. Notably, sapphires of any color, not just blue, represent the birthstone for September.

pink sapphire

The pink sapphire can exhibit a range of color saturations, from light to strong, making it accessible to everyone’s preferences. Fortunately, corundum is found abundantly worldwide, and the majority of pink stones available are pink sapphires. They come with stable prices, allowing you to easily choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect pink hue.

Moreover, many pink sapphires boast good clarity, enabling you to steer clear of stones with visible imperfections and discover better options.

For over a century, scientists have been cultivating synthetic sapphires. If you’re working within a tight budget and desire a large, highly saturated stone, a lab-made sapphire might be your best bet.

Most lab-created gemstones are not very expensive. offers lab-grown gemstones along with jewelry design and manufacturing services. Embedding your favorite gemstone in your preferred jewelry design is the perfect combination.


Morganite belongs to the beryl gem species and is recognized for its pink variety. This gem species also includes popular gems like the blue-green aquamarine and the green emerald. The good news is that, unlike emerald, morganite often exhibits very good clarity. These gems typically showcase a delightful and subtle color, possibly with a slight touch of orange.


Morganite’s color becomes richer and more vibrant as the stones increase in size. Luckily, morganites are often found in larger sizes. In fact, gem faceters sometimes create unique designs by cutting morganites from sizable crystals that are readily available.

Morganite is one of the most commonly used gemstones in jewelry design. It is often paired with rose gold to create rings, as the similar colors complement the warm hue of Morganite. clegit jewelry has a wealth of design experience in color coordination.

Pink Feldspar (Moonstones and Labradorites)

Many gem lovers know about the clear and white types of moonstone, famous for their blue adularescence—a captivating “billowing” effect inside the gem. Interestingly, this alternative June birthstone is not limited to just these colors; it can also exhibit a pink body color. Labradorite, a fellow member of the feldspar gem family, is another gem that can prominently showcase a pink hue.

pink feldspar

Pink Garnet

A variety of garnet species and combinations can exhibit a broad spectrum of body colors, and among them is the lovely pink shade. Transparent pink garnets are commonly used in jewelry. However, hydrogrossular garnets, whether opaque or translucent, can showcase a radiant pink color, often used by gem cutters to create beads or decorative carvings.

pink garnet

Garnets present several advantages as gemstones for jewelry. They come at moderate prices compared to other colored gems. For instance, pink garnets can rival the beauty of pink sapphires or tourmalines but at a significantly lower cost. Garnets also boast excellent clarity, and you can easily find them in various carat weights. It’s no surprise that garnet, serving as the traditional January birthstone, has been cherished as a jewelry gem for thousands of years.

Rose Quartz

Quartz is one of the most widespread minerals on Earth. Rose quartz, distinguished by its gentle pink hue, never reaches particularly dark tones or intense saturations.

This soft color is a result of inclusions, giving the gem a somewhat cloudy appearance. In cases where rose quartz has numerous perfectly aligned internal inclusions, it might exhibit chatoyancy or a “cat’s eye” effect. More commonly, these inclusions create asterism, resulting in a “star stone” effect on its surface.

rose quartz

Rose quartz frequently develops in large crystals, making it suitable for both jewelry and sizable decorative carvings.

In Asian civilizations, Rose Quartz is often associated with foxes and is commonly believed to have the effect of attracting romantic relationships.

Pink Scapolite

While scapolite typically showcases purple or violet body colors, pink variations occasionally become available on the market. Scapolites are found in various locations and can exhibit a “cat’s eye” effect, adding to their unique appeal. Their appearance may sometimes resemble other more well-known pink gemstones.

pink scapolite

Pink Spinel

Similar to garnet, spinel is a gemstone that’s abundantly found and rivals the beauty of gems like sapphire, yet it comes with a significantly lower per-carat price. Like scapolites, spinels may bear a resemblance to other, more familiar gemstones. It wasn’t until the 1700s that gemologists recognized spinel as an entirely distinct gem species from ruby.

pink spinel

Spinel crystals often grow in a flattened form, placing more emphasis on the color of this modern August birthstone than its overall shape. This is advantageous if you’re seeking custom-cut pink gemstones for your jewelry! Since faceters typically don’t adhere to calibrated sizes when cutting pink spinels, jewelers often leverage their unconventional outlines to create unique pieces. is an online custom jewelry store specializing in gem cutting, jewelry design, and manufacturing. With a decade of experience in jewelry craftsmanship and a team of skilled designers, they offer exclusive designer services for just $99.99. Additionally, they regularly provide complimentary silver services.

Pink Topaz

Blue topaz is well-known as one of the December birthstones, but not everyone realizes that topaz comes in various appealing hues, including pink. Interestingly, rare red and pink shades are considered among the most valuable colors of topaz, in contrast to blue topaz, which is one of the more affordable gemstones. Abundant and durable, topaz also holds the distinction of being a November birthstone.

pink topaz

Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline, the modern October birthstone, is a relatively common pink gem readily available on the market. Tourmalines exist in many species, each displaying a range of colors. In tourmalines, pink hues may have either orange or purple undertones, and red and pink tourmaline are sometimes referred to as “rubellite.”

Pink tourmalines with rich, saturated colors command higher prices, but they may appear darker. While good clarity is desirable, the depth of color is considered more crucial. Some stones feature highly ordered inclusions that create an attractive “cat’s eye” effect.

pink tourmaline

Large tourmalines are easily found, making them an excellent choice for those seeking impressively large pink gemstones.

For those interested in unique pink gemstones, watermelon tourmalines are worth considering. They have vibrant pink interiors and green rims.

Pink Pearls

Cultured freshwater pearls come in a variety of body colors, and pink is one of them. Akoya pearls from saltwater typically have a white or cream body color but can also exhibit a pink overtone known as “rosé” in the trade. Some Akoya pearls naturally display this overtone, while others are treated with a mild red dye to achieve a pink hue. With a hardness score of only 2.5-3, pearls are relatively soft, making them susceptible to scratches. As a result, jewelers often incorporate these classic June birthstones into necklaces and earrings. If you want to customize jewelry related to pink pearls, then will be your best choice.

pink pearls

Pink Apatite

Apatite is found in many locations, but its modest hardness of only 5 limits its use in jewelry. Therefore, it’s important to handle and store apatite jewelry with care, especially for ring stones, which should have protective settings.

pink apatite

Interestingly, tiny apatite crystals frequently form inside other gems, such as sapphires, garnets, and emeralds.

Aventurine (“Strawberry Quartz”)

The aventurine variety of quartzite, a lapidary stone containing tiny grains of quartz, can occasionally display a pink color. Inclusions are responsible for this color, giving the gems a translucent quality rather than transparency. Some might refer to this gemstone as “strawberry quartz.” Aventurine stones can grow quite large, allowing gem cutters to create sizable pieces from them. In fact, you might come across aventurine bangles crafted from a single rock.

Large Strawberry Quartz jewelry can accentuate the stone’s texture, making the crystals inside more easily visible. If Strawberry Quartz is cut into very small circular shapes, it often conveys a cute and textured feeling.

strawberry quartz

Pink Coral

Coral often grows in various shades of pink, but finding it for sale can be challenging due to restrictive laws and regulations protecting the fragile reefs they come from. If you’re in search of coral jewelry, consider exploring vintage stores and estate sales. Bohemian-style accessories often incorporate a lot of red coral.

pink coral

Pink Danburite

Named after Danbury, Connecticut, danburite may occasionally display a pale pink color. With reasonable hardness, it’s strong enough for use in jewelry. However, colorless danburite is generally more valuable than its colored counterparts. Some danburites may also exhibit cat’s eyes.

pink danburite

Pink Fluorite

Pink is just one of the many hues that fluorite can showcase. While the color tends to be light, and crystals can be sizable, fluorite’s fragility makes it unsuitable for most types of jewelry. With a low hardness of 4 and a tendency to cleave readily in four different directions, fluorite is often used as beads, carvings, and even in some raw crystal pendants. However, when shopping for jewelry stones, you might not come across too many fluorites.

pink fluorite

Pink Calcareous Concretions and Shells

Some pearl-like gems made from organic calcareous concretions and various shells can exhibit pink and orangey-pink colors. While these calcareous concretions and shells aren’t technically pearls, they are quite rare and may be highly valued by collectors. Bohemian-style accessories typically string together many ocean-themed stones, and pink shells are also commonly used as a material.

Pink Calcareous Concretions and Shells

Pink Opal

Pink opals are an exceptionally rare variety of the widely known October birthstone. These opals belong to a subgroup known as “common opals,” which do not display opal’s famous play-of-color effect. Instead, pink opals are opaque. All opals are relatively soft gems, with a hardness score of 5.5-6. They are also susceptible to drying out if stored in dry environments and require special care.

Pink Opal


Typically an opaque to translucent gem, rhodochrosite comes in red to pink colors with saturation ranging from pale to strong. Unfortunately, rhodochrosites have a very low hardness score of 3.5-4.5. Transparent rhodochrosites are extremely rare.


Opaque rhodochrosite can feature a pale pink-and-white pattern known as “bacon strip,” owing to its resemblance to the food.


Rhodonite is a collector’s gem that can be pink as well as red. Transparent gems are rare and can be deeply saturated. Translucent and opaque gems will often exhibit black veins or splotches. Rhodonite is commonly carved into beads.


Pink Spodumene (Kunzite)

Kunzite, the most popular variety of the spodumene family, is a beautiful gem exhibiting a pink to purple color with delicate to bold saturation. As kunzites are found in limited locations, such as California, some collectors place higher value on the raw crystals over faceted gems. Due to the difficulty of cutting, faceted kunzites are rarely seen.

Pink Spodumene

While kunzite might not be widely recognized among gem buyers, some renowned jewelers, like Paloma Picasso, have proudly incorporated the stone into their creations. However, it’s important to note that kunzite’s pink color can fade if exposed to excessive heat or light. Therefore, it’s advisable to reserve these gems for occasional evening wear and store them in cool, dark conditions.

Pink Zoisite (Thulite)

Tanzanite, with its blue to violet hues, is the most well-known zoisite gemstone. Thulite, the national gemstone of Norway, is an opaque, pink variety of zoisite often featuring gray or white mottling. Similar to many other non-transparent gems, thulite is typically fashioned into beads. Some mistakenly refer to thulite as “pink tanzanite.”

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