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Explore 13 Most Popular Diamond and Emerald Engagement Rings on Pinterest


Looking for the perfect Gold Emerald Engagement Ring? Look no further than the trending selections on Pinterest. We’ve distilled the top 12 favorite styles to simplify your search.

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White gold emerald and diamond wedding ring

white gold emerald and diamond wedding ring

Embrace classic romance with this striking ring, boasting a lustrous emerald and a brilliant diamond, elegantly set in an 18-karat yellow gold band. The emerald, cut in a clean, rectangular shape, exudes sophistication, while the diamond’s round brilliance ignites a fiery contrast. Designed to capture hearts, this ring marries the gems’ natural allure with the timeless warmth of gold, making it perfect for proposals, anniversaries, or as a testament to enduring love.

Three stones round emerald and moissanite engagement ring

three stones round emerald and moissanite engagement ring

This lab created emerald ring is a masterful blend of classic allure and modern design, featuring a dazzling round moissanite accented by a vivid round emerald on each side. Set in polished 18-karat yellow gold, the ring radiates warmth and luxury. The emeralds add a pop of color, enhancing the sparkle of the moissanite, while the smooth, sleek gold band offers comfort and sophistication. It’s an enchanting piece, ideal for marking life’s special occasions or as an everyday emblem of elegance. Its balance of color and light makes it a cherished addition to any collection.

Three stones silver emerald-cut emerald ring with diamonds engagement ring

three stones silver emerald-cut emerald ring with diamonds engagement ring

This exquisite ring features a magnificent central emerald, flanked by two dazzling trapezoid diamonds, all set in a platinum band. The vibrant green emerald, with its rich saturation and clear depths, is cut in a classic emerald shape that maximizes its luster. The side diamonds enhance the center stone’s brilliance, offering a striking symmetry. Crafted from high-quality platinum, this ring is not only a statement of elegance but also a testament to lasting craftsmanship, perfect for celebrating life’s most significant moments with a warm and sophisticated touch.

Gold emerald band ring with diamond

gold emerald band ring with diamond

This enchanting ring features a vibrant square-cut emerald centerpiece, set in a warm 14-karat gold bezel setting for a modern touch. Surrounding the emerald, channel-set baguette diamonds cascade down the band, adding a sleek, geometric elegance. The gold band’s polished finish complements the bright gemstones, resulting in a harmonious blend of color and sparkle. This piece is a testament to enduring style and sophistication, perfect for those who appreciate the timeless charm of vintage-inspired design while seeking a warm, distinctive statement for everyday wear or special occasions.

three stones princess-cut white gold emerald diamond engagement rings

three stones princess-cut white gold emerald diamond engagement rings

This ring elegantly pairs a princess-cut diamond with two lustrous emerald side stones on a sleek platinum band. The central diamond’s clear, square shape is flanked by the deep green emeralds, creating a striking contrast and a balanced, symmetrical aesthetic. The use of platinum ensures a durable, timeless setting that enhances the brilliance of the gemstones. Perfect for engagements or as a cherished gift, this ring’s blend of classic and contemporary design elements exudes warmth and sophistication, ideal for those who value both beauty and enduring quality.

Cushion cut gold emerald diamond promise ring

cushion cut gold emerald diamond promise ring

This refined ring features a captivating cushion-cut emerald center stone, held in a classic four-prong setting on an 18-karat yellow gold band. Flanking the emerald are symmetrical baguette-cut diamonds, presenting a sleek, linear contrast to the central gem’s depth and color. The warm glow of the yellow gold setting highlights the rich green hue of the emerald, making it a standout piece.

Three stones gold plated emerald diamond and emerald wedding ring

three stones gold plated emerald diamond and emerald wedding ring

This stunning ring boasts a vibrant, rectangular-cut emerald set between two old European-cut diamonds, exuding a timeless charm. Crafted with a rich 18-karat yellow gold band, the ring offers a warm, inviting glow. The emerald’s deep green is magnificently offset by the brilliant sparkle of the flanking diamonds. This piece’s classic design is reminiscent of a bygone era, yet perfect for the modern wearer who appreciates heritage and elegance. It’s a warm, sophisticated choice for anyone looking to make a statement of enduring style and affection.

Pear shape twisted gold plated emerald and diamond wedding and engagement ring

pear shape twisted gold plated emerald and diamond wedding and engagement ring

This modern ring features a duet of a pear-shaped emerald and diamond, symbolizing two hearts joining in a unique twist design on a lustrous 14-karat yellow gold band. The vibrant emerald and the brilliant diamond are set in an open embrace, representing the harmonious balance between love and strength. This piece’s contemporary style, with its flowing lines and eye-catching stones, makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate innovative design with a touch of warmth and luxury, perfect for engagements or marking important life milestones.

Marquise-cut gold diamond and emerald engagement ring

marquise-cut gold diamond and emerald engagement ring

This exquisite ring features a symmetrical design, harmonizing a radiant marquise-cut diamond with a vibrant marquise-cut emerald, each elegantly tapered and measuring a generous proportion that suggests both luxury and classic style. The band, crafted from rich 18-karat yellow gold, sweeps upward to cradle the gemstones in a delicate embrace, ensuring their prominence. The shoulders of the ring are adorned with a pave of round brilliant-cut diamonds, adding a sparkling contrast to the deep green hue of the emerald and the fiery brilliance of the central diamond.

3 stones silver emerald and lab diamond ring for women

3 stones silver emerald and lab diamond ring for women

This ring features a mesmerizing emerald-cut emerald center, flanked by triangular lab diamond side stones, set in an elegant 14-karat rose gold band. The emerald’s rich green hue radiates warmth, complemented by the soft pink tones of the gold, while the lab diamonds add a touch of classic sparkle. The clean lines and modern setting of this ring make it a contemporary yet timeless choice, perfect for those seeking a piece that’s both striking and sophisticated. It’s a beautiful expression of love and a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

Unique gold emerald and moissanite wedding ring for women

unique gold emerald and moissanite wedding ring for women

This captivating ring presents a harmonious balance with its richly hued, round-cut emerald and contrasting trilliant-cut diamond. Mounted in a sleek 18-karat yellow gold setting, the ring’s design showcases the gemstones’ natural beauty with minimalist elegance. The emerald’s vibrant green embodies vitality, while the diamond’s clarity exudes pure sophistication. This piece, perfect for engagements or as a celebration of love, offers a warm and timeless look, appealing to those who appreciate the blend of classic grace with a touch of modern luxury.

White emerald and diamond ring band

white emerald and diamond ring band

This elegant eternity ring is a symphony of alternating emeralds and diamonds, set in a seamless platinum band. The vivid green emeralds, cut into rectangular shapes, are beautifully complemented by the round brilliant diamonds, creating a continuous circle of brilliance. The platinum setting not only adds strength and durability but also enhances the stones’ radiance. This ring is a timeless testament to love and commitment, perfect for an anniversary or as a symbol of unending affection. Its sophisticated design will grace any hand with its understated elegance and warmth.

Oval diamond emerald wedding ring

oval diamond emerald wedding ring

This ring beautifully showcases a central oval-cut diamond, flanked by two deep green round emeralds, all set in a classic 14-karat yellow gold band. The central diamond’s brilliance is accentuated by the rich color of the emeralds, providing a stunning contrast. This design marries the opulence of precious stones with the timeless elegance of yellow gold, making the ring a perfect choice for engagements, anniversaries, or as a token of everlasting love. is a highly capable online store for creating and selling customized Jewelry. We offer customization services for all types of jewelry, including custom engagement rings, custom rings, custom pendant, custom earrings, custom bracelets, custom necklace, custom anklet, ect. If you have a preferred type and a specific design style in mind, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to create a custom jewelry that fits you perfectly

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